Hi, I'm Dewi Lestari Natalia Marpaung as known as Dee :)
About the author: 

A metallurgy engineer whose job turned as a public servant in government ministry, but still dreaming of being a travel writer. 
I really love travelling, like exploring new places, meeting the nature, taking the photos, trying a new adventure, connecting to people around the world, learning about another culture, and so many things that making me curious.
I never lost my energy to walk around the world, because travelling had been teaching me many precious experiences about the nature and people.
Also, I never feel afraid of being lost in the new place or lost communication because of new language. That things show precisely about the arts of traveling.
Then, here is my blog to share about travelling and my thoughts about life, so you can be inspired and join me exploring the world.

About the blog: 

I write everything about what I feel, just for pouring what I want to.
I started blogging as a hobby since 2008 (poorly, my first blog was i-don't-know-where), the time when I excitedly writing in the social networking. And this blog launched for the first time in 2012.
Through this blog, I pour my enthusiasm about travel and thoughts of this life.
I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained to inspired others. 
Why do I write?
Because I have short memory brain syndrome which make me can't remember something for the longer time.



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