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Natal di Hatiku

December 26th, 2016
03.02 WIB

I was barely alive.
Too happy to forget the Christmas time. Every year in Christmas day, being a Christian that I am, has my own tradition to think, brood, and write. Ya, because I don't want to forget every grace that I got in every Christmas day (ya you know that I have a short-memory-brain-syndrome, right?). This year, I was so excited in every time I wait on the Lord's will and let Him speak to me. Does the Lord speak to me? How come? You won't get it, unless you're one of the people like me who understands that Christian is supposed to be based on personal relationship with God. And this I found very beautiful even sometimes confusing, but I know He will speak to me in His right way.

I have some things to wait for the God's answer this year. Personally, I'd make a list of hopes and prays for this year but I figured there are too many things. In the beginning, I trust that God will answer my pray, everything that I asked in His right time. And in this time I was so excited to let my self seek Him and let Him speak to me. I feel that God always be with me and hope that He will give me the answer of my pray. Surprisingly, it start to feel the Christmas season and the end of the year, the more I expect God to answer all my prays as soon as possible (because I was still wondering there will be so many miracles in the Christmas day). Nope. That's my ego when I forced the Lord to grant. So bad. But after a conflict of conscience for long enough time (maybe around a month when I started being busy with the preparation of Christmas serving), I'm fully aware that my life is under the power and authority of God alone.

I realize on something.
When you're all grown up, you don't list for things you want for Christmas. You list the things that you are thankful for all year round.
Yeah I was wrong about my list of hopes and prays. No no no, it was not about my list but about my self. Ya, I was wrong because I forced the Lord to answer my list.

I should figure there are too many things I'm grateful for. Christmas is the right time to being grateful for getting the good news about the birth of Jesus Christ. Without any list of hopes, the Lord has given to me the most precious One whom love the world. Without any asked, He'd love you, bless you, and keep you. The born of Jesus Christ in our heart is the truest meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn't Christmas till it happen in your heart. So, don't prepare your list of hopes in the Christmas day, but firstly and the most important is prepare your heart to let Him comes and lives. How to make it happen? Pray to God. Ask Him to give you worthy heart so that your life can condescend Him. So, your heart will ready to welcoming His birth for this world.
Natal di Hatiku (Cipt. Jonathan Prawira)
Seperti palungan,
layakkanlah hatiku menyambutMu Tuhan
Seperti emas, kemenyan dan mur,
biar hidupku berkenan padaMu

Sebab natal tak akan berarti tanpa kasihMu lahir di hatiku,
Hanya bersamaMu Yesus kurasakan selalu indahnya natal di hatiku  
Bersama paduan suara surga ku bernyanyi,
Kemuliaan di tempat maha tinggi,
Dan damai sejahtera di antara manusia,
Yang hidupnya berkenan kepadaMu
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.
(John 1:14 NIV)

Merry Christmas,
Dewi Lestari Natalia.