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Doing Nothing... Why is This Very Hard?

Have I told you that I have ever been a super busy woman? Yessss, I'm sure that I have told you. Being a kind of busy woman is very drain your time, spend too over your energy, even drop out your healthy life. You will ask for more time, more energy, more sleep, because you have not too much time to spent that all the things in over your day. You will ask for holiday or maybe just a second for take your breathe. It's very difficult to get that in the middle of your countless busyness. It's hard.

Have you ever dream about very long sleep without concerning your busyness? Have you ever think to go out so far away from your place just for screaming out? Or have your ever think of doing nothing? Honestly, for me "yess", I have ever think about all of that things. In the top of my disgust over my busyness, even I have ever think to resign from my office (and it was happened haha) and doing nothing. 

Now, I'm in the new office with new 'busyness' things. Am I still busy? NOPE!!! All of my imagination of doing nothing was happened here. (It must be a) Congratulation!!! But....

After you aparted from your bustles, you got what you want of doing nothing, a little time for holiday, even you could breathe all the time you want because there were not something disgust you anymore. You (feel that you) had enough time, no, more than enough, you have so much much much time to relax, to breathe. Did you still feel it's hard? HARD? HARD? YES? NO??? The answer is NO. I didn't feel it's hard anymore. BUT I FEEL HARDER, VERY HARD!!! Arrghhh...

For hyperactive woman like me, it's like a hell if I just sit quitely and do nothing. For easy-to-feel-sleepy woman like me, it's like a comfort bed to be slept if I just shake my legs and do nothing. For orang-yang-terbiasa-sibuk like me, it's like a cake without sugar or a soup without salt if I just do nothing. IT'S VERY HARD!!!

But, that's me with my new job. New employee in my new office has no special task or jobdesk to do. We just help the others employees to do their job. And if they didn't have any job to help by us. Here we are and DOING NOTHING!! Even, I wrote this post in the middle of my doing-nothing-activity haha. And now, I still try to enjoy my new job, because it will never make me asking for more time anymore. 

Dewi Lestari Natalia.

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